About Us

A New Platform and Marketing Strategy for Funding Growth.

Technology and the Internet are rapidly changing the Commercial Mortgage industry.

EXPANTIVE is here to help your company take advantage of these changes.

We are on the cutting edge of Software and Internet Technology. Combining decades of real estate finance know-how with state of the art software development expertise. Our Design Consulting Firm is positioned like no other in the industry to help your company with its Funding Growth.

Empathy is Key

As a General Contracting Design Firm EXPANTIVE  manages all aspects of the Design and Implementation of your Platform. We have a keen understanding of the commercial real estate funding industry, having funded over a billion dollars worth of real estate ourselves, and an in depth knowledge and expertise in site development and marketing. We are uniquely positioned to help your commercial mortgage company design, employ and manage your EXPANTIVE Platform.

Let Us Help You Grow.

There are thousands of potential Loan Officers and Brokers out there looking for a forward thinking and credible Mortgage Brokerage to work with.
Let us help you acquire their talent and relationships to grow your company’s Fundings.
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