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Systematically grow your Funding Production through our innovative technology.

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Organic Growth

Proactively grow your business through innovative technology and marketing initiatives.

Flexible Workflows

Adjust applications and modules in real time to realities of the market.

Digital Empowerment

Maximize your business potential through digital technology.

Startup Mentality

Introduce and embrace an innovative, fast and creative culture.

Proactive Strategies

Aggressively seek out and acquire the market centers of influence for growth.

Disruptive Innovation

Provide the Platform and processes for market penetration and funding growth.

Innovative Procedures

EXPANTIVE’S Platform provides Back Office Recruiting, Loan Submission, Profile Management, Interoffice Messaging and Document Exchange.

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A New and Innovative Model For Your Funding Growth.

It's a common fact that even the best run Commercial Mortgage companies reach a point of equilibrium.

No matter how many more dollars you spend on Trade Shows, Email Campaigns, SEO or lunches and golf games your marginal funding volume growth remains stagnant.

EXPANTIVE understands the solution lies not in how much money you are spending on these marketing strategies; but rather the strategies themselves.

Commercial Mortgage Brokers

Market Based Solutions

The Commercial Real Estate Finance industry is a Relationship based business.

EXPANTIVE’S philosophy is centered around this fact and our strategies for your Funding Growth revolve around increasing Value Added Relationships.

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Focused and Flexible Strategy

From the moment you engage EXPANTIVE we begin our needs assessment and determination of your business’s Pain Points.

Based on this information we will generate a Strategic Plan to include Branding, Marketing, Recruiting and Growth Management.

Site Branding Customization 20%
Back Office Customization 20%
Marketing 30%
Recruiting and Onboarding 30%

Stay Focused On Your Business. We'll Do The Rest.

Once we have completed your Site Branding and Back Office customization we will implement the Marketing Strategy designed specifically to capture Centers of Influence and their relationships.

These COI Relationships will be the Funding Growth Drivers.

Start Building Your Future Right Now.

Every forward looking enterprise seeks to reach the Next Level.

With our innovative Platform, commercial real estate finance experience and Digital Marketing expertise EXPANTIVE will help you reach that Next Level.

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